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Admission for foreign students to PhD studies


The enrolment of foreign students to PhD studies is made accordingly to the Ministry of National Education Order no. 3782 /2015 and Government Resolution 681/2011.


1. The European Union members benefit of the same admission conditions and same entrance fee as the Romanian students have.


At our University PhD studies last 3 years and they can be attended as full-time PhD student (when scholarship is awarded or tuition fee is paid by the candidate country) and as part-time PhD student, who will pay the tuition fee (self financed student).


The documents for enrolment to PhD studies will be presented in original and translated into an international language, compulsory certified by the Romanian Embassy in the issuing country. These documents are:


- Birth certificate
- Marriage certificate (if the applicant’s last name changed subsequent to marriage)
- High-school diploma
- Engineer diploma
- Transcript of records
- Medical certificate that will include HIV test


The above-mentioned documents and the recommendation from the future scientific coordinator of their PhD studies will be submitted to the Ministry of National Education in order to obtain the approval of enrolment to PhD studies.


2. People not belonging to the European Union will pay monthly fees. The amounts of fees are stipulated in Ordinance no. 22/2009.


The PhD program methodology, including procedures for exams, reports and doctoral thesis presentation is processed by the normative papers mentioned above.


Romanian citizens who live abroad will benefit of a 1/3 fees’ allowance if they haven't waived their Romanian citizenship.


Note: The enrolment files to be submitted to the M.E.N.C.S. will be completed by an application form emitted by the ministry.


Methodology of admitting foreign citizens from EU third countries for studies and schooling in accredited state and private educational institutions from Romania



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