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Outstanding achievements


→ TUIAȘI was granted the High trust grade from the ARACIS Board in 2009;

→ TUIAȘI holds a national and international acknowledged School of Inventics, responsible for almost 65% of Romanian inventions for the last 10 years; it was awarded the Creativity Trophy by The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks in 2006;

→ TUIAȘI is currently developing 350 national and international projects, as well as research contracts for over 9 million euro and doctoral and post-doctoral POSDRU projects for over 16 million euro;

→ A TUIAȘI team of students and teachers is world champion at the Freescale Cup – “SPARK” competition in June 2012, San Antonio, USA;

→ A team of nine students from TUIAȘI has built a Formula 1 car, with which they raced at the „Formula Student” international competition on the racetrack from Cataluña (Spain) in the summer of 2012.




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