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MAY 27

Professor Adisa Azapagic from the Manchester University, Doctor Honoris Causa of TUIASI

Thursday, the 29th of May, from 11.00 o’clock, the Senate of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi will bestow the honorary title of Doctor HonorisCausa to Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Adisa Azapagic from the Manchester University, U.K., for outstanding contribution to the development of Environmental Engineering. The awarding ceremony will take place in the Conference Hall, the T Wing of TUIASI.


The awarding request was forwarded by the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection (FCEEP) from TUIASI. The awarding board will comprise Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Carmen Teodosiu, vice-rector for the scientific activity at TUIASI as president, Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Dan Cascaval, the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection, Ph.D. Prof. Ovidiu Gabriel Iancu, vice-rector for master and doctoral study program at UAIC – the “Al.I. Cuza” University of Iasi, Ph.D. Prof. Mircea Nicoara, the Dean of the Faculty of Biology from UAIC, Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Maria Gavrilescu, and Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Cristina Costache from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.


Professor Adisa Azapagic is an outstanding international academic personality, acknowledged for her contribution in the fields of Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development, as well as a prodigious educational and scientific research activity. She studied at the Tuzla University, Bosnia and graduated a bachelor engineer in 1984, focusing on the specialty of Chemical Engineering and Environment. She has also held the Master of Science degree with the same specialty, since 1988. In 1997 she was granted the title of doctor in Environmental Systems Engineering by the Surrey University, Great Britain.




Since 1992, Adisa Azapagic has been at her turn researcher, lecturer and professor at the universities of Leeds and Surrey, Great Britain. Since 2006 she has been a professor at the Manchester University from the Great Britain, and the coordinator of the Sustainable Industrial Systems research group. The aforementioned research group (comprising 35 researchers) is founding its research activity on the principles of sustainable development and approaching scientific issues from the lifecycle perspective. They also address economic, environmental and social aspects that concern the chemical industry, constructions, the energy industry, transportation, etc.


Professor Adisa Azapagic has published over 100 scientific papers in ISI journals and ISI volumes (Hirsch 20 indicator). She authored 27 books published by international publishing houses and  has developed 9 software application for computing the carbon print and lifecycle evaluation.


Professor Adisa Azapagic has held several scientific and honorary titles such as Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering (Great Britain), Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineering (Great Britain), Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain), Honorary Member of the Society for Environment (Great Britain), Member of the Japan Society for the  Promotion of Science. She held the position of guest professor at: Bristol University, U.K. (2009), Merida University, Mexico (2010), Cantabria University, Spain (2010), Bath University, U.K. (2010), Birmingham University, U.K. (2010), Dresden University, Germany (2013).


Professor Adisa Azapagic was awarded the IChemE prize in 2010 for outstanding results in Chemical and Process Engineering and in 2011 she was granted the prize for innovation GSK/CIA by the Association of Chemical Industries from Great Britain, as well as the prize for the best collaboration project by the Society for Innovation in Chemistry. The last achievement she received for the CCaLC project (a project that envisions the reduction of greenhouse gases emission in industry by introducing a computing system for the carbon print of industrial production systems).


Adisa Azapagic is currently developing research projects with major companies in the chemical industry, food industry and energy industry such as Procter & Gamble, U.K. and Belgium, Kraft FoodsPremier Foods, Tesco, Marks and SpencerWhirlpool Europe , GEA SearleIFAM – Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Germany), FDF (Food and Drink Federation), FSDF (Food Storage and Distribution Federation), DNL– Dyadic Holland, CIMV– Compagnie Industrielle de la Matière Végétale (France), as well as government institutions: IFST (Institute of Food Science and Technology), Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs (DEFRA, UK), British Energy, British Nuclear Energy Society, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence, Centre for International Governance Innovation (Canada), etc.


The collaboration of Professor Adisa Azapagic with TUIASI – especially with the Chemical Engineering and Environmental Management Department of FCEEP – dates back to 2008. Due to this collaboration, the students and teachers were able to participate to experience exchanges and research internships. Furthermore, two additional collaboration and documentation stages were organized. Professor Adisa Azapagic is a member of the international publishing board for the ISI indexed journal ISI “Environmental Engineering and Management Journal” of FCEEP. She was also member in the scientific international board and keynote speaker for the international conferences of Environmental Engineering and Management ICEEM04 (September 2007, Iasi, Romania) and ICEEM07 (September 2013, Vienna, Austria), organized by the Chemical Engineering and Environmental Management Department of TUIASI.


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