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What is the E-mail References Service?


The supplying of references through electronic mail (e-mail references) is a library service intended for distance users, connected to the Internet. Using this service you can submit at any time an information query to a library, to be answered according to the specific e-mail reference library policy.


What kind of query may be submitted throughout this service?


Through e-mail references services one may mainly receive the following information categories: 

→ Bibliographic references from computerized or printed library registers or from any other library information sources;

→ Answers to specific reference queries (e.g. “Who is the author of the novel The Cather in the Rye”, “What was the inflation rate in Romania in 1998?”, etc.), according to each library profile and services;

→ Rerouting the query to a different institution (library, information centre, etc.) most likely to answer your query 

! The e-mail reference service does not provide translations, scientific papers or complex bibliographies. In order to avoid asking queries not compliant with library e-mail references policy, please read carefully the information provided on the library’s web page.  


What is this site offering?


This site enables you to use e-mail references services provided by various libraries from Romania, as well as other reference services, as follows:

→ to  use a single access point (the REM-RO portal) to cross-link the web pages of different Romanian libraries providing this services;

→ to provide an interactive query template enabling simultaneous access to all e-mail reference services libraries participating to the REM-RO Project

→ to access a free reference sources selection on the Internet ( in progress)



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