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Technical University Library’s Mission


The academic libraries are public or private libraries, meant chiefly for students, teaching staff and researchers from higher education institutions.  The access in academic libraries is permitted to everyone willing to peruse the library’s full patrimony, regardless of the publishing format.

The academic libraries are integrated part of the higher education national system and are contributing to the training and education process, as well as to the scientific research in the concerned institutions.

The academic libraries have assigned specific tasks in the integrated library system in Romania.

The academic libraries are developing encyclopaedical collections and/or scientific specialised publications of high cultural profile, from our country and abroad, on every available publishing support, according to national education, research and cultural programs.

In this aspect, the Library of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, whose perpetual mission is to ensure and to support research and education, has thoroughly adapted to the new requirements, by implementing a collection and performed services development strategy, in spite of continuous diminishing financial and human resources.

The Library of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi operates according to: The Libraries Law No.334/2002 and The Government Decree No. 474/2002 for promulgation of The Libraries Law, published in The Official Journal No. 442/18.06.2001 and republished in The Official Journal No. 132/11.02.2005, 1st part, to Government Emergency Ordnance No. 26/26.01.2006 for amending The Libraries Law No.334/2002, published in The Official Journal No.85/30.01.2006 and to the Internal Regulations for Library’s Organization and Operation, UTI.POS.01, as approved by the Resolution No. 3381/23.12.2008 of the Quality Assurance and Evaluation Committee (QAEC)


Historical Landmarks for the Library of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi


The Romanian higher education has a century long tradition, as ancient and rife as Romanian’s educational system.

In the beginning of the 19th century, in November 1813, the scholar Gheorghe Asachi placed the foundation stone of Romanian technical higher education, for the first time in our country, by establishing an engineering class. This moment remained in Romanian history as the beginning of the academic education in Romanian language, later developing under The Michaelian Academy.

Brief history of TUIASI Central Library Headquarters’ building

On the 28th of October, 1860, in Iasi, the inauguration ceremony of library’s headquarters was held. The building on the University’s Street was purchased by the state from Ruxandra Roznovanu for 18.000 Lei, and completely rehabilitated by the architect Ştefan Emilian. The inauguration ceremony was held in the presence of the prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

 Very soon, this building with 26 rooms, 4 underground cellars and auxiliary spaces of 20 more rooms proved to be insufficient in hosting all the functions related to the University (the Faculty of Law, the Humanities Faculty, the Science Faculty, the Mineralogy Department, the School of Bellarte and the Museum, the theatre, the rector’s and professors’ offices), and thus, in April 1886, a loan was granted to build a new headquarters for the University of Iasi, on a site from the Copou hill.

 The new Palace of the University built on the Copou Boulevard was designed by the French architect Louis Blanc, nationalised in Romania. The building’s eclectic style dominated the European architecture at the time, especially the French academism. The building’s construction begun in 1892, however the ceremony of placing the foundation stone for The Palace of the University was held on the 23th of May, 1893. The edifice took 4 years to build, and the inauguration ceremony was held from the 20th to the 23rd of October 1897. After 1918, the University diversifies its faculties and thus required more and more room for lecture and conference halls, laboratories, libraries.

The extension, work of I.G. Pompilian, was designed in the same eclectic style as the initial palace. Its construction begun on the 5th of August 1929, and architect Th. Vasilescu also became involved in its development. From 1933 until 1942 the university was named The Michaelian University, after that being known as The “Cuza-Voda” University. On the 8th of August 1933, the final reception of the wing started in 1929 was finally concluded.

 In 1937, the new Education Law stated the establishment of The Polytechnic School in Iasi, by reassessing the applied sciences departments of the University. This school was named the “Gh. Asachi” Polytechnic School, still belonging to the University. In the following years, until 1940, a series of other improvements were built, in the harsh years of war, however, all the buildings of the University were damaged, especially the Palace’s edifice. After the war, a new campaign of rehabilitation and modernization was initiated, crowned by the ample capital reparations in 1952.

 The lecture hall of the Central Library, built in 1948, was partially refitted in 1951 – when 100 places were available, and completely rebuilt in 1995, as restoration efforts were required as result of the 1977 and 1990 earthquakes.



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