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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Energetics and Applied Informatics


Short history

ETH 01.jpgThe Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the oldest electrical engineering faculty in Romania. On November 1st 1910 the “School of Industrial Electricity” was set up and subsequently became the Institute of Electrical Engineering.

An important step in the development of education in the field of electrical engineering in Iaşi was the creation in 1938 of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.


About the Faculty

The Faculty is dedicated to excellence in its programs to train its graduates to practice their professions to a high standard in the 21st century. It is equally dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through excellent teaching, research graduate and postgraduate education. In its mission to build and sustain the leading learning in electrical and power engineering, the Faculty strives to provide an environment of equal opportunity, collegiality and lively intellectual debate for all members of its community.

Our Faculty places particular emphasis on: intellectual and personal development; development of educational and research laboratories; development of postgraduate studies and continuous education; enriching the international orientation; engagement with government, industry, community organisations and the professions.

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