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Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology


Short history

ETTI 01.jpgSpecialized education in the field of Electronics started in Iaşi in 1911, with the setting up of the School of Electricity at "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University. After the establishment of the Polytechnic Institute of Iaşi in 1937, Electronics was taught as part of Radio-techniques, Techniques of Weak Currents and Industrial Electronics. In 1971, the Department of Applied Electronics was included in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and in 1975 it became the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications. Since 1990 it is one of the eleven faculties of "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi..


About the Faculty

Our school aims at training highly skilled engineers for designing and maintaining digital communications systems (fibre optics, radio, microwaves), fixed and mobile communications, computer networks, complex industrial electronic equipment. After a two-year basic education in mathematics, physics, and the fundamentals of electrical engineering, specialized training is provided on three directions: Electronics, Telecommunications, and Microtechnologies. 

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