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Faculty of Material Science and Engineering


Short history

SIM 01.jpgThe Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering was created in 1990 on the basis of the former Chair of Metals Technology, which belonged to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and was founded in 1977, as a con­­sequence of metallurgical industry development in the North-Eastern part of Romania.


About the Faculty

The Faculty aims to continue and develop the school of material science in the North-Eastern zone of Romania in order to balance the growth of the industrial sector in every geographical area of the country and integration for teaching and research within European structures.

The Faculty of Materials' Science and Engineering offers:

 • the specialisation of graduates at bachelor level and master in the field of high performance metallic materials for the industrial sectors of machine construction, electronics, airspace, chemical, food, agriculture;

 • technical assistance and support for the introduction into fabrication of new innovative products and new technologies in the field of materials by means of national and international programmes;

 • specialization of the teaching staff involved in the technical and vocational training in the field of technological education;

• specialization through post-graduate courses for engineers in the field of labour health and safety, auditing and risk evaluation.

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