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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Short history

MEC 01.jpgThe first applications in the field of Mechanical Engineering are related to the school founded in 1813 by Gheorghe Asachi and further developed into the University of Iasi starting in 1860. In 1948, "Gheorghe Asachi" Polytechnic Institute of Iaşi comprised six faculties, among which was the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, having 4 specializations: Thermal Machines, Textile Equipment, Automotive Vehicles and Agricultural Machinery. In 1990 the Mechanical Engineering curricula were revised and strengthened, in order to provide a broader programme of studies, including the humanities. New branches and specializations were recognised, so nowadays within our faculty there are various training programmes: Bachelor, Master of Science and PhD.


About the Faculty

The training for  Mechanical Engineering is ensured through fundamental knowledge (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Theoretical Mechanics) and general technical knowledge (Technical Drawing, Strength of Materials, Materials Technology, Machine Design, Thermodynamics and Thermal Systems, Computers Use), as well as through  specialization in Automotive,  Thermal Machines, Machines and Equipments for Agriculture and Food Industry, Mechatronics, Industrial Robots.  These courses enable our students to become excellent specialists, being able to coordinate technical processes in the mechanical engineering industry, to elaborate, design and manufacture specific components for mechanical equipments. 

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