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Erasmus Mundus Projects at TUIAŞI


The „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi (TUIAŞI) is coordinating since the present academic year two Erasmus Mundus academic cooperation projects:  

SMDTex (Sustainable Management and Design for Textiles) as part of Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programmes (EMJDs) and CLink (Centre of Excellence for Learning, Innovation, Networking and Knowledge).


SMDTex was officially started on the 29th of October and is oriented toward co-tutoring doctoral programs for ten students (four from the European Union and six from outside it) in the field of textile management and design. The project is to span over four years in partnership with another three higher education institutions in France, Italy and Sweden, as well as six more associated partners. “The project represents for the faculty/university an important element of international acknowledgement. It also speaks, of course, of the ability to organize doctoral studies with double degree – something very important in our field, or any other field as well. The project is already underway as the first series of doctoral students is to be selected for the 2013 academic year, so in the month of August 2012 the international selection is to take place. There are to be eight doctoral students in the first year. Not all of them from Romania” – explained Ph.D. prof Carmer Loghin from the Faculty of Textile – Leather and Industrial Management of TUIASI.


The objective of the Clink project is to improve the skills of teachers and students by means of new information and media technology. There are 11 partner universities for this project, from countries outside the European Union (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, China, India, Malaysia and Thailand) as well as from the European Union (Germany, Hungary, France and Great Britain).


The Erasmus Mundus cooperation program aims at developing the European higher education, as well as its worldwide promotion. Also, through mobility scholarships granted to students, Erasmus Mundus is encouraging the cooperation between higher education institutions, teaching staff, students and researchers from the EU and outside it.



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