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TUIASI professors and research awarded at 2015 University Days

Thursday, November 12, a Festive Senate celebrating TUIASI University Days was held in the University’s Conference Room. Host of the event was Professor Anghel Stanciu, President of the Senate. During this ceremony, “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi celebrated its Senior Professors, the Proffesors Emeritus, Honorific members of the academic community and the scientific research within the institution.




Senior Professors Day was first held in the Technical University of Iasi inspired by the idea of acknowledging the hard work, talent and sacrifice of those who gave more to us than just lessons, but also the feeling of a duty fulfilled,” Professor Anghel Stanciu opened the Festive Senate, and proceeded to award medals, diplomas and flowers to the seniors.


The brochure of Senior Professors.




“40 years of my life have been influenced by the decisions regarding the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry. Also in my years as a professor I have brought a considerable contribution in bringing up young engineers in this field,” said Professor Aglaia Chiriță, 85.


Professor Mihai Crețu, former rector of TUIASI, said that the University is constantly evolving, being one of the top research institutions in Romania. “I hope the people who will run this university in the future know that they can achieve great things,” said the former rector.




Professor Ion Giurma, rector of TUIASI, highlighted the importance of the event, because this is when the university brings homage to those who helped build this institution. “We go forward thanks to them,” said the professor, “and I’d like to thank former rectors Gafițanu and Crețu for the way they have run this institution and the legacy they have left for us. TUIASI is at the moment the first university in Romania when it comes to scientific research per faculty.”


After the rector’s word, the Professors Emeritus got their diplomas.


The brochure of Professors Emeritus.


“According to thermodynamics, the universe has no beginning and no end. The same can be said about the open systems of which we’re a part of,” said Professor Marcel Ionel Popa, thanking the ones who have schooled him along the years, some of his own professors being present at the event as Seniors. “If I hadn’t been part of the Technical University of Iasi, I wouldn’t have had these great results that bring me joy now, at the end of my career,” said the professor.


Rector Ion Giurma then awarded the Honorific members of the academic community:


Professor Irina BLIUC

Professor Virgil ATANASIU

Professor Liviu HOSTIUC


“I’m very happy that you didn’t forget about me. I have seen here today colleagues whom I’ve worked with 42 years in which I tried to do good. As someone who has now been retired for nine years, I’d like to tell you that what is essential for me now is to keep my mind’s sharpness, and that is what I also wish for you, to keep your mind’s sharpness until the last day,” said Professor Liviu Hostiuc.




Professor Carmen Teodosiu, vice-rector for Scientific Research, said that this is the fourth year that TUIASI is awarding the scientific research in the institution. “It’s a good occasion to honour what’s happening in research groups and centres,” said the vice-rector.


The brochure for Excellence in Research.


After receiving the diploma, the medal and the bouquet, Professor Romeo Cristian Ciobanu thanked the academic community at TUIASI, saying that an ant colony is strong as long as its members are active. “Without all of you this race for research excellence wouldn’t have existed,” said the professor.




Professor Neculai Eugen Seghedin, vice-rector for Didactic Activity, handed a medal to rector Ion Giurma on behalf of the Society of Inventors of Romania for his constant support to the institution and for his inventions along the years. “This award belongs to the whole university,” said the rector, “who I remember during rector Belousov’s mandate gave 60% of this country’s inventions.”


Gaudeamus Igitur was sang once again at the end of this Festive Senate celebrating TUIASI University Days.



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