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innovation 1.pngFor more than 40 years, since establishing the foundation of The School of Inventic, now a true brand of Iasi, "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI) is dedicated to make innovation the institution's creed, as well as an engine meant to drive the creative spirit of its researchers, professors and students alike. True to its role of higher education and research university, it develops specific activities of creation and innovative capitalisation of knowledge, and its dissemination to local, regional national or international community, in fundamental fields -  engineering sciences, architecture and urbanism, as well as in interdisciplinary and complementary fields. As proof, the university is among the top places in the national classification of patent submission and patent granting.



740 Student patents

TUIAŞI's belief is that the technical universities must focus their educational activity on originality and innovation, granting its future graduates the conscience of intellectual propriety, not only standard technical skills.

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Thus, for 35 years, the University is concerned about developing creativity and industrial propriety through its dedicated courses. This was first initiated by the professor Vitalie Belousov, from the Machines, Gears and Tools Department, now part of the Faculty of Machine Manufacturing and Industrial Management. This culture of creativity generated over 740 students' patents for the last ten years, out of 1204 patent submissions.


Racing cars and simulated facilities

Throughout the time, the students of TUIASI have made a name for themselves as complex technological mechanisms creators, such as robots, racing cars, spectacular bridges and buildings.

On the 27th of June 2012, the "SPARK" team, of three students and a tutor professor from the Faculty of Automated Control and Computer Sciences, have won the finals of the international „Freescale Cup” competition, in San Antonio, USA, since they have built the fastest intelligent car able to follow a track generated on the spot.

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During the academic year 2011-2012, 80 students of TUIASI have experienced the way to lead, promote and manage a technical profile company, through the POSDRU Project "From Theory to Practice through Simulated Facility". The students worked in teams of 20, in four simulated companies (ReNew, IS NECOM, IS Petra, IS-APAVITAL), replicas for the real ones, two in the electric and electrotechnical engineering fields, one in the beauty business and the last in the mineral water field. During the project, the students swapped places, taking turns in working in management, logistics or marketing departments.

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23 research centres

innovation 6.pngFor TUIAŞI, research activity is tightly connected to the education and training of students, but also a mean to contribute to technological, economic, social and cultural progress, in order to trigger significant change in a knowledge based society.



Thus, the Technical University holds 23 research/excellence centres (out of which 14 are CNCSIS certified, and four are excellence in research centres) and laboratories focused on creating and disseminating knowledge, facilitating high technological level interdisciplinary research.  These centres and laboratories enable professors and researchers to enlist for national and international research grants, sign research contracts with business partners or government organizations. They also support doctoral and post-doctoral research programs, their activity placing TUIASI at the top of the Romanian scientific research.


65% of Romanian patents held by the Technical University of Iaşi

The School of Inventic of Iasi has a 40 years tradition at TUIASI. Almost 65% of Romanian patents have been created here. To acknowledge this fact, TUIASI won the Quality Trophy, granted by OSIM, as well as many other awards at international competitions. The university is also renowned in the technological creativity field for its participation at numerous national and international exhibitions.

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TUIASI operates an Intellectual Propriety Office, offering specific advice to scientific research community members, in order to help them protect their creations and increase the purchasing of patents by industrial companies. In this aspect, the university became involved in writing The European Manual for Intellectual Propriety, to which nine specialists from outstanding worldwide universities have contributed. TUIASI is also offering financial support for patent registering and simplifying administrative procedures.


TUIAŞI in community

In our university many institutions with tradition in fostering research and innovation operate, such as, The Academy of Romanian Scientist Branch, The National Institute of Inventics, and the research branch of INCDT – COMOTI.

innovation 8.pngTUIAŞI has also an outstanding role in the city and in the regional development, numerous major international companies opening local branches in Iasi, taking into account the scientific role of TUIASI and its ability to train competent and creative graduates.  The university is also collaborating with The Iasi City Hall, The Prefecture, The County Council, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and NGO-s in creativity stimulating projects and changing the city's appearance.

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Final thoughts

innovation 10.pngAs signatory of Magna Charta Universitatum of Bologna, TUIAŞI is operating according to its principles and fundamental regulations, being ware of "the necessity to permanently adapt to the requirements of change, to the requirements of the society and to the scientific knowledge progress"

Aspiring to be a renowned technical university, not only on the national level, but in European higher education and research as well, TUIASI is an institution manifesting its creed that quality culture is indissolubly connected to creativity culture, and thus encouraging academic innovation in all its aspects.



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