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Iasi Politechnic Institute Bulletin

In 1946, as a result of the Polytechnic Institute of Iasi management efforts, bolstered by the recognized scientific competence, enthusiasm and dedication of the brilliant Professor Dimitrie I. Mangeron, our own polytechnic scientific publication, entitled "The Polytechnic Institute of Science Bulletin " was first issued. Soon it will achieve international and national recognition. It addresses the need to disseminate the results of research conducted by their own teachers and to facilitate the exchange of scientific information with other research groups.

To facilitate exchanges with foreign specialty periodicals, in 1969 it was considered to be useful to split "The Iasi Polytechnic Institute Bulletin" in bundles characterized by specific research fields. This process began in 1971, continued throughout the years, and currently The Iasi Polytechnic Institute Bulletin is published in the following specialty fields, with a minimum of 4 issues a year:

► Automated Control and Computer Science Section

► Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Section

► Machine Manufacturing Section

► Civil Engineering and Architecture Section

► Electrotechnics. Energetics. Electronics Section

► Hydrotechnics Section

► Mathematics. Theoretical Mechanics. Physics Section

► Humanities Section

► Materials Science and Engineering Section

► Textiles. Leather Section

Six sections of the Bulletin are B+ rated with the CNCSIS, a section is B rated, 2 sections are C rated and a section is D rated. The published articles are indexed in international databases (IDB) such as Zentralblatt, Index Copernicus, Ulrich’s, ProQuest, EBSCO, and DOAJ.

The organization of the bulletin in specialty sections aroused from the need of addressing the increasingly diverse fields approached in the published articles. It also enabled a broader exchange field with foreign scientific periodicals and institutions. The exchanges with Universities and prestigious institution from abroad have reached 206 issues. There also have been consolidated relationships with renowned publishing houses, which are sending for review recently published monographs and papers. These are registered afterwards in the ”Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University Library book fund.

The high scientific level of the magazine is achieved both by an International Publishing Committee, which is reviewed annually and brings together outstanding scientific personalities from our country and abroad, and by reviewing the published papers with the help of an exigently selected referent collective, comprised of the most prestigious professors from our university or other academic centres.

The published papers are presenting the scientific results of their authors, both in the doctoral activities conducted in various faculties, and within national or international scientific research consortiums. The magazines is an opportunity to exchange ideas and establish collaboration bridges between professors, researchers, doctoral students and specialists in the various fields approaching the abovementioned research vectors.



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