Doctoral studies

General description

Improvement through doctoral studies is the third advanced academic training cycle. The doctoral program, the preliminary examination for doctoral studies, the training program, the public habilitation thesis and granting of the doctoral degree are proceeding accordingly to The Low of National Education No. 1/2011 and Government Resolution No. 681/2011 – Doctoral Academic Studies Code

The „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi is certified for doctoral studies in the following fundamental fields:

  • 1. Engineering sciences
  • 2. Exact sciences

The doctoral studies TRAINING CATHEGORIES are:

a. Full time budget subvention studies – with a 3 years duration

b. Full time paid studies – with a 3 years duration

The doctoral studies program has two components:

1. The training program based on advanced academic studies (1st year)

2. The scientific research program (2nd and 3rd year)

THE DOCTORAL STUDIES TUTORS – are professors or scientific researchers of the 1st degree (associate professors of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi), owners of doctoral degrees, certified by The National Council for Attestation of Academic Titles, Degrees and Certificates from The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport. A doctoral student may be co-tutored by a university from Romania or abroad, on the condition of mutual acknowledgement of the doctoral degree.

THE PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION – is held annually, in  September, according to the Government Resolution, as it follows:

1. The first trial of the preliminary examination is to be an international language skill test, organised by our university’s Foreign Language Department. This test is to grant a certificate which the candidate is to submit to the subsequent trial.

2. The second trial is a colloquy based on a topic and bibliography previously announced and it is to be presented in front on a commission of doctoral degree specialist. The preliminary examination evaluates with grades from 1 to 10 the candidate’s familiarity with the specific specialisation thematic, their ability to take theoretical, experimental and methodological initiative.

The doctoral thesis elaboration and presentation

The doctoral thesis elaboration is to be made after completing the Advanced Academic Training Program and the Scientific Research Program and it is to contain elements of originality in the studied field.

The legal procedure for presentation of the doctoral thesis is mentioned in the aforementioned legal bills.

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