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The University Mission

Higher education represents an essential component, without which, the entire educational system would lack consistency and would not be able to meet the political, economic and social changes. It plays an essential role in making new departures for both the individuals involved in a forming undertaking process and those outside it. It offers models of consistent and solid development. In a world of constant change, the higher education institutions are expected to establish standards and guiding marks in society and to support the training of experts and shape characters meant to watch over them. The university as a higher education institution has to anticipate and react to the changes that take place on different social levels. The university`s main task is to find an equilibrium between the alignment to new paradigms and the conservation of its primary mission. Therefore, nowadays, the main role of a university is to create a coherent, but flexible system meant to generate knowledge and guide towards its functional adjustment to the social structures.

The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi is among the oldest and well known institutions from the country, having an important tradition in engineering, scientific and cultural education, with a distinguishable presence on the international level. The university trains engineers with high qualifications, able to respond quickly and efficiently to the requirements of innovation, research and economic development. Moreover, the university caries on programs designed to continuously upgrade the engineers` professional skills imposed by the tendencies appeared at a global level.

The university is highly receptive to the embracement of the European system values, both in education in research, being fully aware of the importance of its both national and international responsibilities. Auspiciously, the institution plans to develop the curriculum, to join the mobility schemes and the integrated programs of study, education and research. The Technical University has managed to strengthen its standards and achieve globally certified outstanding progress. Specifically, all of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University development indicators support that assessment. These include diversification of specialization, the number of students and faculty members, research field decision-making autonomy, international cooperation opportunities and quality of education in most specialties.

The university has resources of intelligence and creativity, as well as the necessary competence for accomplishing the complex mission to generate, preserve, disseminate and apply the accumulated scientific knowledge. It is concerned with establishing a system for quality assurance and academic excellence in teaching, scientific research and education, system based on the criteria and the methodologies compatible with those from the European countries.

The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University`s operative strategy is designed to achieve optimal development regarding its foremost activity fields: education, scientific research, as well as institution’s involvement in social, economic and cultural activities.

The Mission

The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University is a high-end research and education institution. Its mission is to carry out specific activities to create, to exploit and to transfer knowledge to the society in fundamental areas – Technical Sciences, Architecture and Urbanism – as well as in interdisciplinary and complementary fields, involving the local community, as well as regional, national and international levels.

The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, according to its mission and objectives set out in The University Charter, is assuming the role of education, scientific research and cultural institution. Among its prerogatives the following can be mentioned:

  • Transmitting knowledge to new generations and perpetual professional training based on a three cycles study system – bachelor, master, and doctoral (PhD) studies programs – as well as postgraduate perpetual education and research programs. On each and every level, the university aims at stimulating critical thinking and creativity in order to offer our graduates a competitive chance on the labor market. At the same time, the institution is open to all members of society, in order to extend lifelong learning in line with worldwide science and technology developments;
  • Conducting scientific research, development, innovation and technology transfer, as well as exploitation and dissemination of results. Together with teaching, these are inseparable components of the formative process and are intended to facilitate technological, economic, social and cultural progress in order to accommodate the requirements of the information society.

The main instruments to achieve the university mission are:

  • The recruitment of professors and the regulation of their status based on the relation between research activity and teaching activity;
  • Creating and guaranteeing freedom and necessary conditions for students to reach their objectives in terms of culture and training;
  • Encouraging the mobility of teachers, researchers and students in other universities;
  • Documentation, on behalf of reciprocal exchange of information as well as developing joint scientific initiatives. In order to achieve these, the university has implemented general politics in recognition of studies and validation of titles, with the preservation of the traditions and historical origins of the education from “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi.
  • Creating partnerships with representatives of the economic, professional and business environment, as well as research institutes in order to help prepare graduates meeting the labor market standards.
"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi
TUIASI este printre primele instituții de învățămînt superior de profil tehnic din țară și se încadrează în categoria universităților de cercetare avansată și educație.