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TUIASI is organizing, on regular bases, a number of events dedicated to:

  • Promoting our best PhD students’ achievements

Our best PhD students’ achievements are celebrated yearly at Doctoral studies in TUIASI – from personal experiences to excellence vocation event, dedicated to highlighting recent thesis defended by sharing each former PhD student experiences and scientifically contribution.

  • Webinars for PhD students’ training and transferable skills sharpening

Our PhD webinar series is an opportunity for you to interact with staff and students to learn more about postgraduate research at the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi. Our live online events take place throughout the year and aim to answer the most common questions about undertaking a PhD and common issues that may appear in each student training.

Webinars are dedicated, but not limited, to:

  1. Research ethics
  2. An Introduction to Being an Effective Researcher
  3. Career Planning – Where your Doctorate Can Lead
  4. Efficient Reading and Preparing for your Literature Review
  5. Making the Most of the Relationship with your Supervisors
  6. Making the Most of Conferences
  7. Creative Approaches to Writing Your Thesis
  8. Introduction to Publishing Your Research in Journals
  9. Presentation Skills
  10. How to build a research network
  11. How to promote your research results
  • Foster cooperation and increase the visibility of the research performed in the Doctoral School.

While for some attending a conference means getting a break from research, for most students it means leaving the library or the lab and wasting valuable time on an activity that appears to have little to no impact on one’s work. Though, attending events seem to be the best time management strategy with a lot of positive outcomes: Meet peers; Meet professionals in the field; You get to ask questions; Practical advice and not lastly, overcome fears

TUIASI Doctoral School organizes, on a yearly basis starting 2017, The TUIASI Doctoral School International Conference. Latest information can be found here.

More information about latest scheduled events can be read at the following link.

"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi
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