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“Mărțișor” for everyone – Let’s celebrate Spring together

Erasmus+ memories are the ones that will fill your heart with joy and, once back home, you’ll forever think back with nostalgia. A wonderful time of the year is approaching, when everything around becomes joyful and full of colour, so let’s celebrate Spring, dear Erasmus+ student!

On 1 March 2018 at 13.00, meet us at the Faculty of Textiles, Leather and Industrial Management, TEX 1, Council room, groundfloor, where, surrounded by friends, let yourself overwhelmed by the Romanian tradition of the “Mărțișor”.

First of all, you’ll learn what this “Mărțișor” is all about, then we’ll teach you how to make your own mărțișor, the one that will bring you good fortune and prosperity for the year ahead. You’ll also get to taste traditional Romanian food, cooked especially for you!

Let us tell you about the legend of the “Mărțișor” and why we love it. We shall also tell you about each and every symbol behind the red-and-white braid.

For now, we just unveil you some basic facts:

  • each year, on the 1st of March, we Romanians offer each other this little thing called “Mărțișor”, wishing our dear ones a bountiful year;
  • the origins of the “Mărțișor” go back to a legend where, on the first day of Spring, a young man gives his life to free the Sun from a god which kept it hidden for the whole year;
  • ever since, two tassels are woven: a white one for health and a red one for love.

Join us on the 1st of March, at the “Mărțișor for Everyone – Let’s Celebrate Spring Together” event! Find out many other fascinating things about our “Mărțișor” tradition, and even learn how to make your own.

Please send an email confirming your attendance at international@tuiasi.rotuiasi.ro by 28 February 2018.

We look forward to meeting you and together greeting Spring in the Romanian way!

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