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10 Days of INGENIUM

Twice a year, the INGENIUM Alliance, of which the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” of Iasi (TUIASI) is a member, organizes the event 10 days of INGENIUM. The first event of its kind was organised this year and was marked by a memorable moment, the planting of the INGENIUM Tree.

10 Days of INGENIUM was the most successful event ever, bringing together under the banner of multiculturalism, creativity, diversity and social inclusion, 10 academic communities from the partner universities of the INGENIUM Alliance, experimenting together with ways of collaborating in education and research under the challenges of transformation and internationalization.

The next editions will excel with an even richer offer of experiences through which students, professors and colleagues from the TUIASI administration will have the opportunity to integrate other modes of teamwork, cultural traditions and personal development necessary to have more satisfaction in life.”

Professor Irina LUNGU, Phd. Eng., Vice-rector International Affairs

Junior Summer School on Language, Culture and Diversity

The University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe in Germany, member of the INGENIUM Alliance, hosted the Summer School for Juniors, the first part of the “10 Days of INGENIUM” event.

This initiative offered undergraduate students a unique experience of exploring cultural diversity. Through a variety of workshops, lectures and interactive activities that lasted five days, the organizing institution created an enabling environment where young people had the opportunity to explore different cultures and step out of their comfort zone.

“I have been actively involved whenever a volunteer was needed or I had an opinion I wanted to communicate. I participated in debates and was an actor in a mini improvised play called «What would it be like to meet at the airport one year after INGENIUM?».

I had nothing but good things to gain by stepping out of my comfort zone. At first, it took a bit of courage, but as time went on the fear of failure disappeared. I recommend everyone to have this courage, not to hesitate to get involved in activities and participate in projects like INGENIUM.” – Cristian Tărpescu

“Knowledge, friendship, adventure… that’s what I would say if I had to describe the INGENIUM experience in just 3 words. I lived an intense week with participants from 9 other universities from different European countries, people eager to get to know each other, to share their ideas and experiences, to discover similarities and differences between different university education systems. We had a good time combining study with leisure time, we discussed language, culture and diversity, but at the same time we made friends.”

Ștefania Gall

“During this experience, I had the opportunity to meet extraordinary and diverse people from different cultures and backgrounds. We had fascinating conversations with them, learned about their traditions and customs and made beautiful and lasting connections. This was really valuable as I gained a broader perspective on the world.” – Bianca Elena Axinte

Senior Summer School on Health, well-being and technology

The University G. d’Annunzio of Chieti-Pescara, Italy, member of the INGENIUM Alliance, hosted the Summer School for Seniors, the second part of the “10 days of INGENIUM” event.

For five days, participants had an intensive programme of learning and exploring concepts such as health, wellness and technology in a stimulating and inspiring academic environment. The activities took place in an enjoyable environment that allowed for an in-depth understanding of engineering concepts and principles, as well as their application in concrete experiments and projects. Students were encouraged to collaborate, engage in interactive discussions and share their ideas and experiences within the group.

“The Summer School for Seniors was an extraordinary event, which fully benefited the members of the TUIASI «seniors» team, our Master and PhD students. The experience gained during these days will be of real benefit, both personally and professionally, especially in terms of improving networking skills and transferable skills.”

Professor Alina Adriana Minea, PhD. Eng., CSUD Director

“One of the notable experiences was designing, building and testing a cardboard boat, an exciting activity that brought us together and brought us a lot of joy and that we will certainly remember years from now.

A valuable aspect of this visit was the opportunity to network and collaborate with colleagues from different universities. I look back with gratitude to those who made this event possible and with the hope that such initiatives will continue to take place in the future.” – Silvia Plăcintă

“Participating was a very stimulating, interactive and educational experience. The opportunity to interact with young people from other academic institutions enriched the experience, as I was able to observe different perspectives on different fields, a new educational environment and a different culture.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the final presentation at the Science Factory, where we were able to showcase our work and its results to our peers and the jury.

What differentiates this 10 days INGENIUM Summer School from other academic initiatives is in particular the multidisciplinary approach managing to bring together diverse fields of research, such as technology, engineering, mathematics, biology, and others, giving participants a global and integrated perspective on the various fields that surround us.”

Andreea Pavăl

“If you are a student and want to grow, then INGENIUM is the best choice! The basic idea is to create connections between students, share experience and most importantly learn! After this experience I was left with the idea that we, the young generation, are free and without borders.

We are more united than ever and eager to make changes! It was an intense day of excitement, beautiful people to connect with and exchange ideas. Italy is a beautiful country, full of history, tasty food and lively people. Thanks to Gheorghe Asachi University for this opportunity!” – Anatolie Ciobanu 

Staff Academy Workshops & Science Factory

Teachers and administrative staff from the partner universities shared innovative pedagogical methodologies during the workshops, explored new academic methods and approaches, adapting them to the specificity of the national context for effective integration into teaching practice.

In doing so, they were encouraged to identify the best solutions to increase student engagement and motivation, improve learning and develop skills essential for the changing labor market. In parallel, the first meeting of the INGENIUM Doctoral School Council took place.

“I had the privilege to attend the first meeting of the INGENIUM Doctoral School Council, an occasion on which the aspects of future collaboration within the consortium regarding the doctoral theses that will be developed in cooperation were mainly addressed.

INGENIUM is an exceptional project, which contributes to strengthening the prestige of TUIASI in the European community of university studies. I want as many doctoral students and young researchers as possible to benefit from the opportunities created by the European Universities, in the hope of strengthening cooperation in the field of doctoral and postdoctoral studies.”

Professor Alina Adriana Minea, PhD. Eng.
"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi
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