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TUIASI 200: the 11 faculties of the University have presented their achievements

On the occasion of the celebration of 200 years since the establishment of the School of Engineering and Land Registration by Gheorghe Asachi and 75 years since the opening of the Polytechnic School of Iasi (TUIASI 200) the eleven faculties of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi have presented their achievements, inventions, initiatives and study program through an original exhibition held in the Hall of the Lost Steps.

The exhibition was open to the public during the 14th and the 15th of November 2013. The visitors could see walking robots, building models, spaghetti constructions made by students, and they learnt how a bionic hand functions or how to make shoes and dresses out of recycled materials. The faculties” exhibition stand were also visited on the 15th of November by Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Ecaterina Andronescu, the former minister of National Education.

Where the robots lost their steps

In the Hall of the Lost Steps in the A Wing there was a terrible commotion on Thursday evening, as well as on the Friday morning. The visitors’ steps intertwined with those of robots, drone flew over their heads, an air conditioning unit and a hydraulic engine were purring and there were also models of houses built at the scale of 1:200. Every one of them was the creation, invention or project of the bachelor, master and doctoral students, as well as of the professors at TUIASI.  


The Faculty of Electrotechnics, Telecommunications and Information Technology presented to the exhibition their bionic hand, showing the visitors how it is possible to control a robot from the distance, as well as a device that detects and later, copies their movement on a computer.

The Faculty of Automated Control and Computer Sciences (ACCS) exhibited a device that allowed the automated writing using a quill on a touch screen device. “200 years ago, the writing was the most important activity. This device aims at reinstituting the quill; we are practically teaching our students to write with a quill through software”, explained Florin Pantelimonescu, professor at ACCS.

The Faculty of Mechanics came with striding robots and a device detecting facial expressions, showing to the visitors how they can be controlled through a mobile phone app. The Faculty of Hidrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering brought a patented air conditioning unit functioning on UV radiation basis meant to purify the air. The students from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering showed to those interested how intelligent materials behave. They set up an experiment with a tea spoon which bents in the hot water, only to regain its original shape when immersed in cold water.. 

What construction does the “Sumo Robot” demolish

The “G.M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture exhibited building models made by junior students. Among them there were modernization ideas for the Post Office Building on the “Cuza Voda” Street or landscaping projects for the patch behind the “Gr.T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy. The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services exhibited several spaghetti constructions, projects of students that participated to a national competition.

The Faculty of Electric Engineering, Energetics and Applied Informatics exhibited several prototypes awarded at various competitions and inventic exhibitions, some of them being built in partnership with companies such as Continental. One of the devices was functioning on light sensors basis and displayed accurate weather information. On their exhibition stand, there was also the “Sumo Robot”, a machine designed to detect and eliminate its foes and that on numerous “battles”.

The Faculty of Machines Manufacturing and Industrial Management stand was occupied by a hydraulic engine, used in pipe manufacturing and designed for automated bolt fastening in heavy industrial gear.

The event was dressed by the students from the Faculty of Textiles – Leather and Industrial Management, who presented their creations made out of recycled materials – vintage dresses and shoes, as well as patch handbags. The Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Management exhibited the distinctions achieved over the years, comprising national and international awards of excellence and invention patents. 

Alongside all these “contraptions”, the faculties distributed booklets and exhibited posters presenting their activities, study programs and accomplishments distinguishing them over the years.

"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi
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