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Continuous Professional Development course at TUIASI for lower socio-economic status students

SMILE – Social Meaning Impact through LLL Universities in Europe international project TUIASI team members met with university didactic and administrative staff at the beginning of the week to test one of the instruments resulting from the project: the Continuous Professional Development course related to project pylon 3, regarding students of lower socio-economic status.

Truthful and constructive talks were held in an informal setting at Creative Nest, the hub for international activities in Tudor Vladimirescu Student Campus, regarding the course structure, ideas and approach.

Through designing and implementing a series of Continuous Professional Development courses in TUIASI we are aiming to inform and raise awareness among university staff regarding key issues of diversity and inclusion of low socio-economic status students, as well as sharing ideas and recommendations resulting from the SMILE project.

The Continuous Professional Development course for project pylon 3 was drafted by TUIASI project team and will be improved after testing feedback and finalised when we will have consulted with project partners.

The final result will be a Continuous Professional Development course that will give TUIASI staff instruments to become more positively aware and knowledgeable, prepared to help students from lower socio-economic groups and enable inclusion in teaching and learning.

"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi
TUIASI este printre primele instituții de învățămînt superior de profil tehnic din țară și se încadrează în categoria universităților de cercetare avansată și educație.