Management Committee meeting on thermodynamics of complexes at the University of Belgrade

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi took part in the Management Committee meeting organised in an international COST project (financed by HORIZON 2020), regarding thermodynamics of complexes: CA18202 – Network for Equilibria and Chemical Thermodynamics Advanced Research (NECTAR). The large event comprised from both First European NECTAR conference and Management Committee meeting was held on 5 – 6 March 2020 at the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi is a full member of the Management Committee through prof. dr. habil. Alina Adriana MINEA (from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering).

The meeting was coordinated by professor Demetrio Milea (chair of the Action) and gathered participants from 24 EU and associated countries.

The meeting’s main objective was to analyse the first year of activity and gather solutions for future activities, with a special emphasis on the Training Schools initiated for PhD, master and bachelor students’ education in the area of thermodynamics of complexes.

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"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi
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