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Grants for internships abroad for the French speaking students

Students of “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi in their penultimate year of study for the Bachelor degree (3rd year) or in their 1st year for the MA in the academic year 2012-2013 and can speak French (at least for B1 level) are invited to enroll in the competition to get a scholarship offered by Francophone Academic Agency, Central and East European Offices meant to cover the costs of a professional internship abroad.

Interested students may apply online on the site of the agency by the 29th of March 2013. 

At their enrolment, they have to present a certificate released by the institution from abroad which confirms the internship admission. In addition, the students would have to get an endorsed agreement from the scientific coordinator and the dean of the faculty they are studying at.

The internship is at least a month long and the maximum amount of time is three months long from the 1 st of june 2013 up to 31st December 2013. The allowance for the internship will be decided by the Agency according to the standard of living of the region of the designated faculty and to the possible co-founding the student might get. The Agency will also deal with the coverage of the travelling expenses and the compulsory health insurance for the entire period of the internship.

These internships have as a main purpose to familiarize the students with the professional environment corresponding to their field of research and to improve their practical knowledge as well as to get professional competitiveness in their native country after graduation.   

Download the regulations of the Agency referring to the scholarship granting.  

More information about the scholarship is to be found on https://www.auf.org/bourses/mobilites-de-stage-professionnel/.

"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi
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