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The Students from the Faculty of Mechanics have redesigned the ARO off Roader

The students from the Vehicles specialty belonging to The Faculty of Mechanics within “Gheorghe Asachi “ Technical University of Iasi had the initiative of redesigning the cars from ARO.(Romanian National Landover Car).  Supported by their professors, they have organized a two-month automotive design contest from 10th December to 11th of February which was entitled”ARO Revolution”.

Twenty three candidates, both pupils and students from the entire country were involved in the competition with 143 design projects.  The best projects were awarded on Monday, the 11th of February and the draughts of the participants have been displayed in the hallway of the Faculty of Mechanics.  PhD Prof. Eng. Cezar Oprişan, the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanics detailed the reasons for which the faculty has supported this competition: “We had a brand which has become well known here in Romania and it has helped our society significantly, within the fields of agriculture, in the military, everyday use and even healthcare. For this reason, we had the intention of redesigning this car in our country”.

The first prize, of 500 ron was awarded to Silviu Ceaușu, student in the second year at The Faculty of Mechanics. He was granted, as well, the opportunity to materialize his idea through a Leonardo program. Mircea Răiescu, student at the „George Enescu” Art University of Iasi was awarded the second prize and 300 ronAndrei Butănescu from Drăgășani (Vâlcea county), high-school pupil in the 12th grade was awarded the third prize of 250 ron.  Tudor Bura from The „G. M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture within “Gheorghe Asachi “ Technical University of Iasi was awarded honorable mention and 200 ron. Two special distinctions have also been awarded and the special award for the youngest participant was granted to Știrbu Radu, high-school pupil in the 9th grade from The „Emil Racoviță” National College of Iasi. The special mention was granted to Gabriel Ciuraru from Bacau, a salesman who was not literally part of the contest but he participated out of pure passion. Everyone enrolled was granted participation diplomas. “We have initiated the competition as an internal contest, to better asset out our own students’ skill in the automotive design field. The event, however, has gained significant momentum and we were presented designs from Giurgiu and Transylvania, as well as quite a few from  Mircea cel Batran College of Constanta”, further explained Ph.D. prof. eng. Cezar Oprişan, the Dean of The Faculty of Mechanics.

The members of the jury were Ph.D. prof. eng. Cezar Oprişan, the Dean of The Faculty of Mechanics as the jury president, Ph.D. eng. Doru Paul Bârsănescu   from The Faculty of Mechanics, Ph.D. prof. Corneliu Ciobănaşu from The „G. M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture, as well as Nistor Gabriel Calancea and Andrei Donţu, students in the second year from The Road Vehicle specialization at  The Faculty of Mechanics. “We have analyzed the large screen projections of the presented designs, and we have each determined a specific score. Afterwards, we have reviewed the designs in terms of aesthetics, as we are not bookkeepers, but an assay committee. However, all the presented designs were quite pleasant to the eye”, explained Ph.D. prof. eng. Cezar Oprişan regarding the selection process.

The 4×4 off roader as a graduation project

The winning design is to be materialized by an interdisciplinary student team from several faculties of TUIASI, including the prototype design author. “The students aim at building this car within their own possibilities. As they well should. The faculty is willing to help by finding sponsorship for this project. We are to establish a team, of course, as a car is not something one student can build on his own, but a complex entity of built-in mechanics, electronics and design”, stated the dean of The Faculty of Mechanics.

The presented sketches were computer rendered, as well as hand-rendered, in monochrome or in colors. According to contest rules, the designs were to originate from a base model compliant with design criteria found in the original automobile.  The design was to present a minimum of three views (front, side and rear), for each vehicle, and the prototype was to be technologically sound, as well as safety compliant to a minimum of conditions (front and rear bumpers and roll bar).

The ARO automotive factory was established in 1957 at Cîmpulung-Muscel and it built off road automobiles by 2003, when the “Cross Lander” American company took it over and in its turn, sold out the facilities eventually.

 Awards granted:

  • First prize – Silviu Ceaușu, student in the second year, The Faculty of Mechanics of Iasi
  • Second prize – Mircea Răiescu, student at the „George Enescu” Art University of Iasi
  •  Third prize – Andrei Butănescu from Drăgășani (Vâlcea County), 12th grade pupil
  • Honorable mention – Tudor Bura fromThe „G. M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture within TUIAȘI
  • Special mention – Gabriel Ciuraru from Bacău
  • The special award for the youngest participant – Știrbu Radu, 10th grade pupil.
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