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Commiting to the social dimension in universities

Innovative design practices for achieving a new textile circular sector – DESIGN4CIRCLE

Developing New Skills for the Extroversion Specializations of Fashion Industry in Europe

Digital Education Programme for Diabetic Foot Control – DIA SHOE

Developing Innovative and Attractive CVET programmes in industrial shoe production DIA-CVET

Language guide for footwear and leather industry – DicSHOEnary

DigitalFABLAB – Footwear virtual learning by doing – Transition from analogue practices to digital education

Circular Economy Innovative Skills in the Textile Sector – ECOTEX

Education-Employment Partnership for VET in the fashion sector – EEFASHION

Sustainable fashion curriculum at Textile Universities in Europe- Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Teaching Module for Educators-  FASHION DIET

Grasping innovation in Europe through a closer interaction between HEI’s and SME’s – GIENAHS

Sustainable Green Economies through Learning, Innovation, Networking Knowledge Exchange (Erasmus Mundus-GA 2014-0861/001-001gLINK)

LEIA – Leather goods integrated action – Innovative training for the leather goods sector across Europe

Master Degree in Innovative Technologies in Energy Efficient Buildings for Russian and Armenian Universities and Stakeholders – MARUEB

Improve math skills in higher education – MATHE

Mobile youth peer mentoring applications to facilitate distance mentoring guidance for youth with disabilities (MYPEERMENTOR)

Software tools for textile creatives – OPTIMTEX

Politiche Abivative per l’Edilizia Sostenibile – PAES

Rehabilitation of the built environment in the context of Smart City and Sustainable development concepts for knowledge transfer and lifelong learning – REBUILT

REILEAP – Reinforcing capacities of HEIs for leather and leather products in Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan

Skills 4 Smart TCLF Industries 2030 – S4TCLF

New skills for the design of drastically improved comfort, sustainable, fashion oriented and scientifically-led footwear products – SciLED

Strategic partnership – KA2 / Vocational Education and Training, in the field of transfer of innovation from research providers towards textile enterprises & VET schools.

Social Meaning Impact through LLL Universities in Europe: SMILE

TECLO-Textile and Clothing Knowledge Alliance. Future textile and clothing managers for export, marketing,innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship oriented companies

Textile Strategy for Innovative Higher Education – TEXSTRA

WINTEX – Weaving innovation among academia and industry in the Tunisian textile sector

"Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi
TUIASI este printre primele instituții de învățămînt superior de profil tehnic din țară și se încadrează în categoria universităților de cercetare avansată și educație.