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About Politehnium Publishing House

The Politehnium publishing house was established by Ministry Decree No. 151/1975, art. 8 as subsequently approved by the Ministry of Education and Science Decision No. 31279/27.03.1991. It was at first entitled the “Gheorghe Asachi” Publishing House. Since March 2001 the publishing house has been CNCSIS accredited. The current “Politehnium” brand has been dating since March 2004.

Since its establishment, the publishing house has dedicated its activity to promote crucial scientific fields, especially technical sciences, of great interest for concerned specialists and students.

TUIASI is supporting the education process and scientific research through its Politehnium publishing house, by issuing – as regulated by Senate Decree No. 2707/07.11.2007 – books, papers, professional manuals, specialty monographs, popularized science papers, dictionaries and technical-scientific encyclopedias, history of science collections, doctoral theses, courses, reference books, manuals, programming languages and tutorials, scientific events publications, bibliographies, catalogues, bulletins, periodicals, etc. The publishing activity is funded by research grants, sponsorship, or self sustained.

The Politehnium publishing house has been coordinated since its establishment by Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Mihail Voicu.

Since 22.02.2013, as by TUIASI Rector Office Decision No. 428/22.02.2013, the publishing house coordination has been entrusted to Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Carmen Teodosiu.



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